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s, h◆e said.Please scan t●he QR Code to foll●ow us on I●nstagramPlease scan○ the QR Cod○e to follow us on W〓echatChine〓se envoys say fa●bricated accusa●tion again●st Huawei harmful● to free, fair compe○titionChinese ○envoys say fab〓ricated accusation ■against Huawei harmf●ul to free, fa○ir competitionChine〓se envoys say ○fabricated accusatio■n against Hu●awei harmful to f

  • ly take com■pulsory meas●ures against a ○Chinese citizen, wh■ich has severe■ly viol
  • ated the Chi●nese citizen's sa■fety and legi◆timate rights ●and interests?/li>

ree〓, fair competition■01-28-2019 14●:05 BJTLON○DON/BRUSSEL■S, Jan. 27&n〓bsp; -- Senior○ Chinese d◆iplomats in E〓urope have recent〓ly slammed

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the 〓"groundless" a●ccusation aga○inst Chinese■ telecommunicati◆on giant Huawei, ●stressing ■that Huawei○ does not pose ○any threat ◆to any country.A sig○ned piece by Li〓u Xiaoming, Chinese〓 ambassador to Brit●ain, was p


a cat's○ paw

for the Uni○ted State

ublished ○Saturday on The T■elegraph with◆ the title "Don't ■listen to the scare●mongers - Huawei is 〓not a security threa●t to Brita○in."Earlier ●on

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